Samian Mare

  • Size\ 75 guestrooms and suites
  • Amenities\ 2 restaurants and bars, spa, 2 pools
  • Services Provided\ Architecture, Landscape, Master planning and Interior
  • Scope\ renovation
  • Status\ Interior

Samian Mare Hotel is situated in the northwestern part of the island of Samos, in walking distance from the new port of Karlovassi.

The main concept for Samian Mare was derived from the client’s deep love and appreciation for the community and the vision for touristic growth
of the area. Placed near the Port, the building was formerly used as college student dormitories and has been abandoned for several years after.

Although the Hotel is not exactly on the beach, it is developed around the central public pool area, resulting in a somewhat introverted character that
serves to maintain the privacy of the residents but also creates an all day and night vital space around the pool.

Located on the limit of the town and port of Karlovassi the renovation of the building and the transformation to a hotel made it the new focal
point and has contributed to the upgrade of the vast Area.