Marsa Mares

  • Size\ 365 rooms
  • Services Provided\ Masterplanning, and Interior Design
  • Scope\ New Build
  • Status\ Under construction
  • Operator\ Travco

Marsa Mares resort is located in the area of Marsa Alam, in Egypt, by the Red Sea. It consists of 365 rooms organized in 14 buildings. The rooms are developed around a central zone which contains all the public amenities, pools and green areas, formed in organic shapes in different levels leading to the sea. All the building are surrounded by water elements which form pools for ground floor rooms. 

The intention of the general layout design, was to achieve a sea view for the majority of the rooms, and to provide an appealing interior view setting for the rest of the rooms. 

The selection of materials and colours in both the interior and the exterior of the hotel, aimed to offer a relaxed but luxury environment that blends with the natural surroundings.