• SIZE\ 100key 5 star luxury hotel, 100 chalets, amenities
  • AMENITIES\ 4 restaurants and bars, spa center and gym, tennis courts, beach volley, helipad, diverse pools, Water sports station, staff accommodation, promenade and marina
  • SERVICES PROVIDED\ Architecture, Landscape, Master planning
  • SCOPE\ Development
  • STATUS\ Proposal

The LusaiI Island P1 is located on the East Coast of Qatar just north of the capital city of Doha. Our Client is dredging a new navigation channel and the spoils of dredging will be used to form a new reclaimed island titled “Lusail Island P1”.

In collaboration with AETER ARCHITECTS we were asked to develop a five star Greek Mediterranean – Qatari themed luxurious complex consisting of a hotel, chalets with associated facilities including a small marina and a helipad.

The complex consists of:

  1. 100 key 5 star luxury hotel
  2. 3 specialty restaurants plus all day dining
  3. Spa and gym
  4. Swimming pool(s)
  5. Business Centre
  6. 20 x 1 bedroom chalets
  7. 60 x 2 bedroom chalets
  8. 20 x 3 bedroom chalets
  9. Beach club with water sport activities
  10. Fully fitted out marina
  11. Helipad

Land Area Approximately 200.000m2