Cavo Tagoo Paradisian Villas

  • Services Provided\ Architecture, Interior
  • Scope\ New Build
  • Status\ In Progress
  • Operator\ AKTES AIGIAOY SA

Cavo Tagoo Mykonos commissioned us to create 2 luxurious villas with multiple swimming pools, with the DNA of Cavo Tagoo, to be operated by the hotel. The property that is outside the hotel complex, is located at the Paradeisia area nearby the port, a special place with huge spheric rocks scattered on the landscape, as if giants have dropped them.

The concept comes from the Cavo Tagoo identity, traditional, Cycladic, with soft lines and as well as extravagant posh materials like the signature golden doors of Cavo Tagoo rooms. The circulations and the placement of the houses has been designed in a way that both villas are autonomous and can operate at the same time with guaranteed privacy for the visitors. Also, a special event pool area is available to be shared from the tenants or host bigger ceremonies and events. The luxurious residential complex also includes a helicopter pad, parking pergolas and staff rooms.