Isla Brown

  • SIZE\
  • SERVICES PROVIDED\ Architecture, Landscaping, Interior
  • SCOPE\ New Build
  • STATUS\ Completed
  • OPERATOR\ Brown Hotels
  • Photographer\ Pygmalion Karatzas

Focused on redefining the guest’s experience, an existing hotel building transforms into a contemporary 5-star resort hotel, characterized by a sense of easygoing luxury. The hotel is located on the Akrotiri peninsula and unfolds on its rocky edge. The main objective of the design was to incorporate the qualities offered by the landscape, such as the unique and uninterrupted view to the sea, the local vegetation and the Cretan light. With the above qualities as a reference point, the design team interpreted them both visually in a color palette inspired by the colors of the specific site, as well as morphologically through natural materials that blend in with the surrounding landscape.

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