Abu El Daraq

  • Size\ 30 villas, 203 townhouses, 156 1 bedroom apartments, 240 2 bedroom apartments, 80 3 bedroom apartments
  • Services Provided\ Master planning, Architecture and Interior Design
  • Scope\ New Build
  • Status\ Under construction
  • Operator\ Travco Properties

Abu El Daraq residential complex, is nested on a mountain top overlooking the Red Sea, in the area of Ein El Sokhna in Egypt, 160 klm away from Cairo. The development spreads in an area of 341,242.83m2 and is accessed by the coastal highway. A Boutique Hotel is located in the entrance of the development acting as an attraction for the visitors.

The complex includes 709 residential units (villas, town houses and apartments) in an area of 421.083m2. The property is characterized of the intense relief of the terrain and therefore the concept of the design emerges from the landscape morphology. The main scope was to maximize the number of houses with uninterrupted sea view giving priority to villas, then townhouses and apartments. At the same time it was equally important to give value to residences without sea view by offering internal views to water lagoons, parks and recreation areas. The water lagoons were used to transform the dry basins into recreation and relaxing areas, and form housing neighbourhoods around them. Throughout the development several points of interest were created, with a special focus on sports activities (both mountain and water). A cosy and elegant residential environment was created using materials that blend with landscape and reflecting its uniqueness.